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An Azur Lanne Hack is any tool, modification, software application, script or method that allows player to gain unfair advantages over other players, farm automatically, get more free diamonds, gems, free skins, money and other goodies in Azur Lane oon Android and iOS alike. – While there are many different means of cheating, hacks and generators for unlimited free currencies, summons, gems / diamonds and free skins do not exist and are always fake.


Azur Lane Hack

Hacking the actual Azur Lane game is done either using tools, such as memory editors, manually or through the use of mods, which are modified versions of the game that can usually be downloaded online. Hacks manipulate the client-side version of the game to enable powerful cheats that may include speedhacks, damage cheats, auto farming, disabling animations and making cooldowns faster depending on what hacks are possible in your version of Azur Lane, the platform you play on (Android or iOS devices), the exact update or patch of the game and many, many other variables. Azur Lane Hacks can also include a variety of other awesome features that will make farming for new ship girls, equipment boxes, wisdom cubes, gems and other resources a lot easier, faster and more efficient, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay a lot more. Sadly however, hacks as brilliant as they are cannot directly give you unlimited Diamonds, free skins, 6 Star lvl 100 Ship Girls, unlimited wisdom cubes ect, since that data is safely stored on the Yostar Limited game servers. To find a great working hack for Azur Lane use this method.


azur lane cheat

Bots for Azur Lane

Macros, Scripts and automated farming tools are also know as ‘Bots’ and are arguably the best kind of cheat available in Azur Lane, because it is the nearest thing to an unlimited Diamonds / Gems and infinite Gold hack you can get. A good bot will allow you to farm not only Commissions, Campaign Chapters and Raids, but also daily missions, affection with your ship girls to marry them, build your academy and dorm over time, limit beak your favorite ships, build the most powerful fleets available, get SSR ship girls and max them out. – The only limitation to what a bot can do is time: The longer a bot is running, the more Diamonds, Gold, EXP, Affection, Ship Girls, Wisdom Cubes, Skins, Equipment boxes, Medals, Mental Units, XP, Décor Tokens and other resources it can farm. So if you want am much as possible as quickly as possible, you may want to consider using the good old buy Diamonds from the game shop ‘game hack’, also known as ‘whaling’ instead and only consider using a bot of you have the time and patience required to wait. You can find a tutorial on how to create your own bot here.

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Azur Lane Mods

Mods are a lovely way of cheating in mostly mobile games by means of modification, editing or manipulation of the original game file. While a mod can be quite overpowered, the main reason for the popularity of modde APK files and modded iOS Apps is that they are relatively easy to download, install and use compared to something like a bot that has to be scripted, or recorded, adjusted and so on. A mod is certainly the most easily accessible kind of hack for Azur Lane and very beginner friendly as far as means of gaining an edge in mobile games goes. – However, the downside is that mods are quite difficult to find and not every mod will include the cheating options you are looking for. On top of that any mod, no matter how awesome it may be, gets outdated with the next update of the game and you will have to wait for an updated download of the latest version of that particular mod, download it again, install it again ect. With all that said, overall mods for Azur Lane are still highly recommended for anyone trying to farm ships faster, get more free goodies and rare ships and skins without having to spend a lot of time. To help you find working, legitimate and up-to-date mods for Azur Lane, please use this tool to find working downloads.

azur lane mod menu

Mod Menus for Azur Lane

If mods are common cheats, then mod menus are legendary versions of those. An great mod menu for Azur Lane may include dozens of hacks, auto update options, scripts and macros, configurable hacks and of course a dedicated menu to turn any hack on or off called the ‘mod menu’ which where the name comes from. Azur Lane mod menu downloads are exceptionally rare, but also incredibly powerful and awesome because of all the potential cheating options and features that can be contained in one of those mega-hacks or mega-trainers. This is because the people that are actually able to create such mods are usually extremely talented in reverse-engineering game apps and generally a lot more so than the creators / programmers creating your usual mod, which enables them to implement a lot more complex and potentially more overpowered cheats into their modded game apps for Azur Lane. A lot of the most advanced mod menus available for free will usually not last forever, so enjoy them as long as you can if you find and download one that works and is undetected.

Azur Lane Game Hacking Tools

As awesome as it may sound, sadly it is not possible to get free ingame purchases for Azur Lane using any kind of tool app. Free purchase apps will only work on offline games and sine Azur Lane is an online multiplayer game app, this kind of exploit simply will not work. However, tools for Android and iOS can still be used to manually hack the game app and implement cheats yourself. However, this should only be done on a 2nd account at first and only following tutorials created by people with the know-how required. We do not recommend using any tools just willy-nilly, since it can leat to account bans quite easily.

Also there are no tools, generators, adders, online generators or online hacks that will give you free Diamonds, 6 Star Ships, Skins, Gold or anything of the sort. These are all human verification scams and should never be trusted ever, since they are trying to bait you using impossible hacks.


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