Is it possible to cheat in Summoners War?
Indeed it is possible. While there are no Summoners War hacks that will give you unlimited mana, monster health, gold points or crystals, there are still cheating programs that can be quite useful. Auto playing bot apps will allow you to farm battles, arena fights and even raids automatically to farm exp for your monsters, your account, auto build buildings,  farm loot and slowly max out your monsters over time without actually having to play the game all day. There may also be some minor hacks and exploits that pop up here and there that may give you great advantages in terms of farming more resources or doing more damage ect.


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Summoners War Hacks and Mods
Sadly there is not any kind of Summoners War Hack or Generator that can get you unlimited money, unit health, damage or resources. – This is due to the inconvenient fact that this is an online mobile game and all the important account data is stored on the game servers owned by Playdek and not on your mobile. So the only way to actually hack your money, monster levels, stars, runes ect would be to actually hack the game servers, which is not only insanely hard, if not impossible, but also highly illegal and can easily get you to prison. So in short: Do not trust anyone that offers you this kind of cheat, since all of them are trying to either trick you into filling in surveys, downloading malware or clicking ads. You will either get something that does not work or a broken link if you decide to fall for it and complete their scam offers.


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Summoners War Bots – Easy Gold and Crystal / Game Farming!
Since there are no hacks that can simply max out your account, the use of automated farming bots is the most efficient and most popular way of cheating in Summoners War. Bots are able to automatically complete story battles, raids, arena battles, do monster fusion, build buildings and upgrade them, collect loot. Most bots will use auto resolve for battles, but rarer scripts can actually manually play battles for maximum chances of winning. Bots will allow you to level up to 40 and 6 star your monsters as fast as possible without buying crystals. So while a bot can potentially save you a lot of money, we still recommend that you spend money to lower chances of being banned and to support the developers in order for them to be able to make Summoner War an even better game.

Bots can also be used to auto gift and visit all your friends and networks can be set up to essentially farm unlimited rewards from the social system and grind the game automatically for free crystals.


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How to create your own FREE farming Bot for Summoners War:

  1. Install Summoners War on your favorite emulator on a Windows PC.
  2. Get yourself a Macro Recorder + Editor that allows for mouse and keyboard recording.
  3. Start recording in one particular scree, such as your base.
  4. Farm some battles for XP, gold, crstals ect in some missions, and return to the screen where you started.
  5. Stop your recording once your “loop” is complete.
  6. Replay the recording as a loot and whoops, you got yourself your own free Summoners War Bot!
  7. Use the editor to perfect and edit the script to make it more efficient and farm more aspects of the game.


What is important to know when I’m cheating in Summoners War?
Most important to know is that robots and automatic playing apps are almost undetectable, since they are not injecting code into the SW game app. Also important to know is that some bots will require rooted mobile phones for both iOS and Android. – If you do not want to root your phone you are able to use an emulator for iOS or Android on your PC to achieve the same thing and to be able to use the cheating programs (apps) none the less. Also keep in mind that a SW bot will generally not perform as well in endgame content and raids as a human player would, since it is a scripted AI, which is not capable of creative thinking. – This is also why humanity has not yet been taken over by our malevolent robot overlords.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any game, and that includes online mobile apps as well, is legal all over the world. However, Playdek do have the right to ban any player from playing their games at any time. For this reason we recommend that you use cheating software, such as Summoners War bots carefully and use software that is of the highest quality you can acquire and that is at all times 100% updated and undetected. Though we have no reports so far from anyone getting permanently banned from the game for cheating, there is always still a small chance that that will change.


Most Popular Summoners War Cheats 2017:

  1. Modded APKs
  2. Memory Editor Hacks
  3. Bots
  4. Macros
  5. Exploits





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