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We made a new way to download cheats more easily. START HACKERBOT is the main way to download now. You may still use the old way if you want to. 

Step 1: Get ready by reading our beginners guide, our safe use guide and anti-malware / scam guide. Make sure the cheat you want is possible.

Step 2: In our HackFinder Tool enter 'your game name' + 'system' (+ 'cheat' + 'game version / year'). Then press search. (Example below) ‘Game name’ and ‘system’ are necessary to find working cheats.

how to download gme hacks mods cheats

Step 3: The results will show you game cheats from legitimate sources for your game. If you cannot find an up-to-date version of a cheat, try to refine your search with the exact version number of your current game, which should improve your results by getting rid of outdated software.

Step 4: Once you find an up-to-date cheat, head over to the download website, check the comments for reported issues, check the uploader’s reputation and if everything seems clean, download the software. (Signing up may be necessary on some websites.)

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Step 5: We always recommend testing any cheating software on an alternate account first and testing on an alternate device or emulator first for any unwanted features, game bans and ads for optimal security.

Step 6: Downloadable, legitimate and updated cheats do only exist for the most popular games. – For the other then of thousands of smaller games, this tool will not work. You will need to use game hacking tools and techniques instead, such as memory editors, APK / IPA modding, app patching, savegame editing, data modification and similar techniques. You can learn these techniques in our Tutorials section or by browsing our Home Page and site navigation.


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The HackerBot app allows you to access more easily and currently only exists for Android. It is a great app to quickly check if legitimate cheating software is available for your games and to learn game hacking techniques more easily. Download HackerBot APK for Android here.

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