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A money hack for unlimited free cash, credits, $$$ and currencies is any tool, mod, software, cheat or technique that allows a player to get more free currency in a game. – While legitimate and working forms of this cheat exist for basically any single-player game out there, a great percentage of the claimed money mods, hacks and generators out there are sadly fake, as many games store players account data and currency data on the game servers, making such cheating features impossible in most (95%) games requiring an internet connection.

Game Currency / Money / Cash

Game money generally refers to a non-premium game currency that can easily be acquired by simply playing and farming the game for rewards, requiring no microtransactions or in-game purchases. Freely acquirable game currencies come by many names, but most common are money, cash, credits, points, chips, tickets or silver. Often these currency resources are required for many basic tasks in a game and in online and mobile games, they will be required to max out your account, requiring a player to buy the basic currency using a premium currency to progress more quickly. In the case of online games bots are the best way to farm free currencies over time and for free, whereas in offline games game hacking tools are the way to go.

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How it works

What data can be manipulated, modified or hacked in any specific game depends entirely on where the data is being processed and stored: If a money value is processed and stored on the gaming device itself, the client-side, such as is the case in offline single-player games, then the data can easily be modified using a tool, such as a memory editor to access the value on the physical RAM of the device and change it. Tools that are often used to modify money and cash values for unlimited fund in games are GameGuardian for Android, GameGem for iOS or Cheat Engine for PC, but there are many others, such as data editors, savegame editors and more.

However, not all games store all their data on the game client, the physical gaming device that a player controls and is able to modify, but many games use game servers, most of them online games, to process and store important values, such as money, cash, health, items and so on. Especially, if a game is making money by selling in-game currencies, the developers are highly incentivized to process money values server-side, even if the game itself does not feature any online multiplayer features, simply to increase revenue from in-app shop sales. Any money, cash or currency that is stored server-side, cannot be hacked, modified or manipulated outside of extremely rare exploits. – And yes, while technically game servers can be hacked, this would not only be extremely difficult to do, easily undone, but would also be highly illegal and no one in their right mind wants to go to prison for a few online game fun bucks in some random video game.

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How to check if money hacks work in your game

  1. Disconnect your gaming device (mobile, console, pc) from the internet. Disable your WiFi, disconnect any LAN cables and unplug your routers. Open a browser to make sure there is no internet connection.
  2. Now try to play the game, test all the features, shops, menus ect.
  3. If the game still works 100% and no features are even partially affected, then money and cash hacks are possible in your game using memory editors, mods, save game editors, cheat codes, data modification, trainers, scrips and many other cheating methods.
  4. If the game does not work at all without an internet connection of some features are disabled, then the chances are 98% that your game is processing currency server-side, which means that no tool, generator, mod, hack or other software will be able to get you unlimited money in that game.
  5. If you are dealing with an online game, bots and exploits are your best bet to still get unlimited currency over time or actually get the chance at unlimited cash through a rare bug.

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Money / Cash Generators

If you have not deduced this yet 100% of all generators and online tools for game currency and resources are fake. – There has never been an online website that has affected any game money ever. This is not how games work, this is not how game hacking works and this is not how reality works. A website is neither connected to the game server, nor your game client, has no root access to any device that runs the game, which means all of these resource generators for games are SCAMS. Any legitimate cheat will involve you downloading something: Be that a modified APK file, a modded iOS app, a game hacking tool, a savegame editor, a bot, a virtual machine or whatever. Any working game hack will always involve a download, which of course does not mean that any download is legitimate either. It just means that any generator or cheat that requires no download is necessarily fake 100% of the time, every time, always, for ever and ever. I cannot make that clear enough, because millions of people still keep falling for this kind of scam every day and the tech giants are not catching on to it either, allowing these ‘generators’ to be pushed to more and more naive players.

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Mod Money Downloads

Same as generators, while there are legitimate APK mods and iOS mods for unlimited money, a lot of them, rather most of them are fake, because they are advertised for online games where this kind of cheat is impossible. Again it is important to test if your game is server-side processing money values or client-side processing their currencies in order to be able to discern if these mods are possible for your specific game. Of course you should never download any file that advertises features that are impossible, as you at the very least not going to get what you were promised, likely will download a fake, maybe even malware or worse. – As always on the internet, only because someone claims that it exists, that does not mean that it is real, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

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