Hacking Games by Buying Online Game Accounts / Currency & Items

Why would you spend thousands of hours, a lot of money and a lot of daily farming on an account, when you can simply buy an accout, game currency or items on a player to player trading site? Lets look at this prospect together.


buy online game accounts

Pros of Buying Game Assets
- Generally good prices (better than spending your own time and money(
- Exclusive items, exclusive founders pack accounts, rewards available.
- Easiest way to ‘max out accounts’ in any online game.
- Works for any platform… PC / Mobile / Consoles

There are certainly upsides to simply using your money to cheat in a game, BUT these come with some serious downsides too.


buy online game items currency


Cons of Buying Game Assets
- It is against game Terms of Service and easily detectable
- A HUGE chance to get SCAMMED!
- Sellers will always be able to get their accounts back, by claiming to have gotten hacked.
- There is a good chance sold accounts will get BANNED.
- There are very few legitimate p2p trading services.
- Don’t spend any money you cannot lose, because there is a great chance you will.

As you can see, the downsides are significant. I speak from experience as someone who has tried to buy game accounts ranging from 50 USD to 500 USD on various occasions. The services that do exist have a history of not upholding their policy, insurance especially, their platforms are absolutely full of scammers and unless you use the absolute best platform to trade game accounts, your chance to get scammed is 50%+.


safe trade

Most Risky Trades

  1. Game Accounts (incredibly risky, you are never save, even after a ‘successful trade’)
  2. Game Items (devs are starting to give unique traceable IDs to rare items. Buying from the wrong person can get you banned.)
  3. Game Currency (this is safer, but can still get you banned if you buy from the wrong person with the wrong sources)


How to Buy Virtual Game itens and Accounts safely

  • Only use the service listed below, as it is a legitimate service that works for buying and selling game accounts, items and currency.
  • Use common sense to determine if offers are legitimate, or you will risk losing a lot of time and money.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy or sell any online game items, currency or accounts! You have to know EVERYTHING about bans, if the game uses IP to lock you out of an account, the trading policy ect! PLEASE.
  • Expect to get scammed, unless you take every measure available (all protection and insurance policies you can buy from the trading site!) to avoid it.


Where can I buy Game Accounts, Currency and In Game Items?
Currently the only site I would recommend in any way is this one. It is without a doubt the industry leader when it comes to trading online game stuff. The prices here are higher, but the chances of getting scammed are VERY LOW compared to any other service that I have tried. And to be honest, especially with buying game accounts, paying more is better than paying less and not getting anything.


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