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A free in-game purchase hack is any mod, tool, method, software or cheat that allows a player of a game to get free stuff from a game shop, microtransactions, premium currency purchases ect. – While these game hacks do exist for a very specific kind of game, 98% of them are fake and not possible on the game they are advertised for. Shop hacks for free purchases and free in-app purchases are only possible in games that do not use servers to process your transactions also known as offline games. A crushing majority of games that features in-game shops and microtransactions are either online games or are using online servers to store account data, meaning no tool, hack, mod or other method can get you free purchases outside of exloits.

Free in-Game Purchases / In-App Purchases / Game Shops

Microtransactions are the new #1 way for game developers to extract the maximum amount of money out of their players. Gone are the days where paying for a game got you everything. Now you get to spend an infinite amount of money to get infinite advantages and, let’s be honest, basically cheats.

So it comes as exactly zero surprise that players are looking for ways not to have to become a whale and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video game to be competitive. Players want to find free ways to get in-game purchase advantages. Sadly, developers have a very simple way of making any kind of free purchase cheat for their in-game shop impossible by simply storing your account save data server-side on their own game servers. In almost every case the extra revenue from pay-to-win microtransactions will more than cover the costs of running game servers to make hacking free gems, money, coins, free in-app purchases, free cash, credits, gold, resources or whatever other virtual currencies impossible. – So that is generally what any developer that has the means to hack-proof their shops will do. The pay-to-win business cannot really work if you don’t have to play to win and can simply use a free purchase mod or hack.

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How it works

Any game hacking tool is only ever able to change data on the device it is installed on, the device it has reading/writing access to, which is usually the device a player is playing the game on, such as a mobile phone, PC, console or other gaming device. – This is known as the client-side and it is opposite the server-side which exists when developers chose to store certain information on their own computers in order to protect it from manipulation. For all practical purposes, modifying sever data is not possible, as it would be highly illegal and extremely difficult to do, which overall makes is ‘not worth’ for acquiring a few virtual game shop items or shiny virtual currencies for free.

Now of course microtransaction purchases, such as shop purchases, premium currencies, such as gems, gold, diamonds, rubies, cash or similar as the first things that developer of games featuring in-game shops want to protect from modding, as they are what is making them a lot of money. So that is why 98% of games that have an in-game shop will also require an internet connection and free in-game purchase hacks will be entirely impossible due to that. Of course there are exception in that there are games that have online-processed shops, but still store savegames on the game client, making it possible to mod savegames or use memory editors to get premium items for free, but those games are exceedingly rare and getting rarer every year as the price of running servers decreases and players are used to their games requiring the internet to work. Server-side processing is basically DRM for in-app purchases to put it simply. Except it will actually help the game developers to make money, as opposed to what is the case for normal game DRM.

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How to check if Free Purchase tools will work for your game

  1. Disconnect your gaming device from the internet, disable WiFi, disable data, unplug your routers, unplug your LAN cables ect.
  2. If the game including the game shop still works, then the microtransactions are not server-verified and can be hacked using tools.
  3. If the game still works, but the shop does not, then the currencies and items can be hacked directly using memory editors, game hacking tools, save editors and other client-side data manipulation techniques and apps. So there is no need for free-purchase tools.
  4. If the game does not work correctly or completely without an internet connection, then in 99.8% of cases your items, currencies, unlocks and other in-game goodies are processed online and the same applies to shop purchase, getting anything for free using tools and mods is not possible in this case.
  5. The only cheat that has the potential to break these rules are server-side bugs that can be exploited, called exploits. However, this kind of cheating method is exceedingly rare, hard to find and will inevitably get patched out of the game as soon as the developers become aware of the bugs that make such exploits possible.

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Free Purchase Tools

There are specific tools out there that are made specifically to circumvent in-app purchases in mobile games, such as Freedom APK or LuckyPatcher for Android, but while these tools do work for very specific games, they do not work for every game and certainly not for the most popular ones that have made sure to mod-proof their shops a long time ago. On top of that memory editors are generally a lot more effective when it comes to modding client-sided games anyways, making such tools mostly unnecessary.

Free Purchase Generators and Resource Generators (online websites) are all fake. – Never has there been a website that has been used to hack any game, modify any game data, and generate money or free purchases ever. That is simply not how cheating in games works: Just like you won’t go to a website and push a change oil button to change the oil on your car. A website simply does not do that. It cant.

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Free Purchase Mods

Just like Generators, most free purchase mods are fake too. Not only are they generally claimed to exist for online games where they cannot exist, but even when a game is offline and client-side based, it would still be unnecessary to make a game mod to get your free shop purchases, as simply modding your gems, gold, money, coins, diamonds, emeralds, silver, resources and whatever other premium currencies would be a lot easier instead, allowing you to get everything from the in-game shop for free either way.

As with most cheats, finding the legitimate thing is hard: Overall, using bots to farm games for unlimited resources and premium currency money will be the best alternative when free in-game shop cheats are impossible. Exploits are an option too, but those are extremely rare and you might be waiting forever.

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