“You can just change you Money value using Cheat Engine.”
“Trainers will automatically find and change your Health value.”
“Scan for Float values and then go for the one with D3 at the start.”

value edit process cheat trainerProcess / Value Editing and Cheats
Value editing or process editing (hacking) is the main method of cheating in sing e and multiplayer games alike. It is the practice to change the way the game client works on your PC. This method is especially effective in single player games, since in the whole game is being stored and processed on your machine. Often the process edit is done automatically by a trainer or hack that will automatically change the game code or inject code into the process. However, this can also be done manually by scanning a process for certain values or Hex code and then manually replacing it using programs such as Cheat Engine, ArtMoney or Bit Slicer. Sometimes it is even recommendable to do the value edit manually, since a lot of games these days are updating on a weekly basis and trainers are becoming more and more temporarily effective.

On what platforms does Value Editing Work?
It started on PC as most game hacking did. However these days it is possible to edit processes on almost any device that is running on an OS (Operation System). The operating system is the platform that the editing process and the to-be-edited process are run on. On some devices, such as iOS and Android mobile devices, the device needs to be “rooted” (a kind of hack) in order to make process editing possible for Apps such as GameCIH or similar. This kind of cheating tool could also be implemented on consoles and other devices, if the user had the right to do so. At the moment the best machine to do value editing on is still the PC, since it does give you 100% freedom to do whatever you see fit with your soft and hardware.

Is Process Editing Legal?
Yes it generally is. Unless you live in some kind of weird state that regulates the way you need to play your games on your PC. It can be against a multiplayer game’s Terms of Service, but those will not get enforced by your state. ToS violations get enforced by the developer of a game and can “only” get you banned from a game or service.

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