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A gem hack is any mod, tool, hack, generator or other means of getting unlimited free gems in any video game or mobile game. 99% of advertised gem mods are for online mobile games and 99% of them are fake and not possible in the game they are advertised for. Money cheats in general, including gems, are only possible in offline single-player games, but not in any online games that require an internet connection due to server-side processing of the account currency data.


A very popular name for game premium currencies, ‘gems’ are generally used in all kinds of pay-to-win games, primarily mobile games, and are the most exclusive currency in said games that will allow players to gain the most power most quickly, get the most exclusive skins, unlocks, items and progress the fastest. Gems, diamonds, crystals, rubies, gold and other top tier premium currencies are usually acquired by spending money on micro-transactions and are only awarded for free at a very slow rate with a very low daily cap that cannot be broken, making it hard to farm them using bots as well. Still, bots and automated farming apps can be considered a gem hack, as they allow for getting unlimited free gems in many online games, if given enough time.

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How it works

Any value or currency from health to money to gems has to be stored somewhere. In the case of offline single player games that is always your gaming device (phone, console, PC ect) also known as the client or client-side processed data. The great thing about client-side data is that any data that is on a device that you control can be hacked. So if your game requires no internet connection to function and still works perfectly if you disable your WIFI, disable data and disconnect your LAN cable, then gem hacks are possible in that game.

However, most games that use gems as premium currencies are heavily monetized and will use game servers to store your account data, even if the game has no multiplayer components, simply to make more money by selling gems for micro-transactions. I such online-only games, the game servers, computers belonging to the developers of the game that you connect to through the internet, are storing your account data and your gem value. This is known as server-side processing and any data that is on a device that you do not control, cannot be hacked or modded legally. So for all practical purposes, if your game requires an internet connection to function, free gems and unlimited gem hacks are impossible. Yes, servers can technically be hacked, but that is not only extremely difficult, but also highly illegal and no one wants to work for months, go to prison and ruin their lives for a few online game shiny stones.

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How to check if Gem Hacks are possible

  1. Disconnect your gaming device from the internet. Disable data, disable WiFi, disconnect LAN, shut down your WiFi router ect.
  2. Try to play the game and check if everything works perfectly.
  3. If your game still works and all aspects of it, then gem cheats are possible using game hacking tools, mods, save editing and other techniques.
  4. If your game does not work or aspects of it cease to work correctly, then gem hacks and money cheats are impossible 99% of the time.
  5. You can still try to use memory editor and similar software to try to change the money or gem value in your app in online games, which will desynch your device and may get you banned, but in very extremely rare cases it might work.
  6. Exploits are your only hope if you want unlimited gems in online games and those are very rare and only exist for a short time.

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Gem Generators

As we have discussed in-depth in the preceding paragraphs, unlimited gems for online games are impossible. Also any game hacking tools, mods, bots and other cheating software will be installed on your device. There are no websites that can do anything to a game, neither hack or generate any gems. All online resource and gem generators are 100% fake and will never work. – While this is an extremely obvious statement to many gamers, there are still billions of people, and even people working for big tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and others, that have yet to learn about how game hacking works and that continue to serve results featuring impossible cheats to millions of their users every day.

A gem generator is just as likely as a money generator for real life money. – A niche dream to be sure, but nothing more and even if it existed, it would go viral within hours and the developers would be entirely unable to sell gems through their in-game purchase shops, making the game unprofitable, leading to either a patch or the game ceasing to exist. So the fact that your game still exists, proves that there are no gem generators. Besides of course the fact that game hacking simply does not work through online websites, never has and never will.

gems mod money

Gem Mods / Money Mods

Same as generators, 95% of these are for online games and therefore entirely fake. There are literally thousands of APK download websites and shady app download portals that will advertise fake mods with money, unlimited gems, free purchase and other impossible features.

In online games, there are no mods, no generators, no tools, no creators, no bots, no APKs, no modded iOS apps, no memory editors, no Cheat Engine tables, no trainers and no other software to get you infinite gems of free gem purchases. Only exploits can potentially do that and they generally require no software to work, but are techniques and methods and extremely temporary in nature, getting patched as soon as discovered by the game devs.

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