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A diamond hack, crystal cheat, rubies, emerald or shard or sapphire or pearl mod is any tool, hack, mod, generator or other means of increasing your shiny rock premium currency in and game that offers them. Sadly most of the hacks for unlimited diamonds, crystals, rubies, shards and other precious rock currencies of various colors are fake, about 99% of them, as they are very often impossible in games they are claimed for. Money and currency hacks, including premium currencies, are only possible in offline single-player games that require no internet to play, due to server-side processing in online games.

Diamonds / Crystals / Shards / Rubies / Emeralds

Every once in a while there is a rebellious pay to win game that does not want to use ‘gems’ as their premium currency, because they want to be special, so they offer another kind of sparkly rock formation, such as the diamond, the crystal, the ruby, the emerald, the shard, the sapphire, the pearl, sometimes even different colors of these currencies, but the purpose remains, these currencies are here to be bought through microtransactions and can only be acquired at an extremely slow rate without spending money and the developers of most games will make sure no one can hack free shiny rocks through server-side processing. So unless you know a developer that can access and modify the game servers, the best way to acquire unlimited free diamonds, free crystals, rubies and emeralds is to use automated farming bots to slowly but steadily amass the shiny goodness over time.

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How it works

Premium currencies and game currencies such as diamonds, crystals, shards, rubies, pearls, saphires, emeralds ect are actually pretty simple: They are account data values stored either on the gaming device you are playing on, known as client-side processing, in the case of offline single-player games and are stored on online severs belonging to the game developers, known as server-side processing, in the case of online games.

Any tool, mod, hack or other cheating method is only able to manipulate data on the device it is installed on, and as we only have access to your gaming device, only data on our gaming console, PC, mobile device or emulator can be changed. – Now most games that offer shiny rock premium currencies will not want players to get them for free by using game hacking apps, but will want them to spend money to acquire the shiny precious virtual rock fun bucks using their in-game purchase cash shop. So most developers will opt to store the account save data and the currencies, gems, coins, gold, diamond and other values server-side where only they can change and manipulate the values and no game hacking tool can get your unlimited free goodies in order to make more money from microtransactions. So overall unlimited diamonds, free rubies, unlimited crystals, infinite emeralds and other shiny rock cheats are impossible in 95% of games that feature these currencies / moneys. – Yes, technically servers can be hacked, but that is not only extremely difficult and easily undone by the devs, but more importantly it is highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some free shiny virtual carbon crystals.

diamond crystal game hack

Hot wo check if Currency / Diamond Hacks are possible

  1. Disconnect your gaming device, phone or other gaming utensils from the internet. Turn of WiFi, disconnect and LAN cables, turn off your router, cut electricity to your house, do whatever is necessary to no longer be able to access the world wide web.
  2. Try to play the game and see if it works entirely, partially or not at all.
  3. Unless your game works in it entirety including all features and including spending crystals, shards, diamonds and other glistening mineral salts, your game is at least using partial server-side processing, which means money hacks are impossible in this particular game.
  4. If the game works perfectly, including all features and including spending all currencies, then you are dealing with an offline game that can be hacked using all kinds of tools, such as GameGuardian, GameGem, Cheat Engine, data editors, save editors and other game cheating tools for unlimited free cash money diamonds.
  5. If money mods are impossible in your game, you can still keep an eye out for bots and exploits, which are the alternative and more complex ways to acquire boatloads of precious non-gem stones.

stone rubies pearls shards generator resource

Resource Generators for free Diamonds, Crystals, Rubies, Emeralds ect.

If there was ever something more impossible than money cheating tools for online games, then it would be an online website generator to ‘generate’ resources or currencies in any game. – This is simply not how game hacking works. A game hacking tools is able to manipulate data on your device. A game developer is able to change data on the game servers. An online website generator is able to change none of both, meaning generators are all 100% fake every single time. – These ‘tools’ will never work and will always scam you into downloading some apps, completing offers, completing surveys ect and you will get absolutely nothing in return.

If a generator existed that worked, the developers would stop making money as everyone would simply ‘generate’ their in-game money instead of purchasing it, which would lead to the developers, rather the game going away, since it stops making money or the developers switching to a method that does not allow for ‘generation’ or resources. So that the game exists pretty much proves that there is not legit generator, even if you ignore the fact that a website has never been used to hack any game ever in the history of games, because it simply can’t.

sapphires crystals diamond mod money

Unlimited Currency Mods

Just like generators, mods for unlimited diamonds, emeralds, crystals, shards, sapphires, pearly and other shiny, pretty rocks are fake most of the time, as they are advertised for online games. – There are armies of shady APK download sites, questionable download portals and weird app stores advertising pretty much all their downloads with unlimited money, mod money, unlimited free diamonds, using broken English and using other questionable techniques to get people to click their results. – Of course these download sites should not be trusted and 99% of their stuff will either be entirely fake, will not come with the advertised features, may even be adware, malware or worse.

We recommend always using an emulator or virtual machine to test such downloads, if you must. And use HackerBot to find actual legitimate hacks, bots, mods, game hacking apps and cheat for your games, provided by long-standing trusted developers that have provided safe and clean software for many years.

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