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A game hacking tool is any software, app, computer program or automated script that allows users to cheat and get unfair advantages in video games both online or offline. – As always, there are lot of fake tools, but the legitimate ones will generally require a download and will require admin/root access to your gaming device (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows PC, consoles ect) in order to interact and manipulate or modify the game process or data. Find the best Game Hacking Apps for Android, iOS and PC:

Kinds of Game Hacking Tools

There is several different ways in which one can approach game hacking and any software will usually specialize in one approach over most the others. While this list may grow over the years, these are the most common kinds of tools you will encounter today:

  • Memory Editors specialize in accessing and modifying physical RAM memory in order to modify the current game state on the game client, allowing users to change values and memory addresses in order to activate cheats.
  • Data Editors and Save Editors are tools used to modify client-side game data, such as save files or configuration files to gain advantages that way.
  • Bot and Macro Editors are used to automate processes and procedures in games, allowing player to automatically farm in online and offline games, do more DPS and automate all kinds of tasks.
  • Purchase Emulators are used to get free purchases in in-game shops that do not use server-side verification in their in-app microtransaction shops, which is getting increasingly rare now.
  • Online Resource Generators are always fake and will never work. Never, ever has an online tool hacked any actual game ever. Never has and never will.
  • Packet Editing Proxies are used to manipulate packets/data sent between the game server and game client in order to cheat, which is useful on consoles where no root access is possible.
  • Modding Software is used to modify game files, such as APKs, EXE and other game installation and game execution files in order to hardcode game hacks directly into the game app itself. This includes software for decompiling executables, APKs and similar packet files.

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How it works

The most basic rule when it comes to game cheating tools is: Any tool can only ‘hack’ any data that it has writing access / admin access / root access to, which is generally the device it is installed on. This rule holds true in 99.99% of cases and exceptions should always be doubted, approached with skepticism and distrust, as they are scams 99.99% of the time.

In offline games that require no internet to play, that means tools can basically change and manipulate or modify anything and everything. In theory there are no limits in offline client-sided games: God modes, unlimited money, stat hacks, damage hacks, one hit kill, invisibility, automated play, instant wins, item cheats, unlimited ammo, gems, gold, skill points, resources, literally anything is possible if the game is solely processed on a device you control and have root access to.

However, in online games that require an internet connection to play, known as online games, the same is not the case: Here your options are limited by what data is processed on your device versus the game servers. Generally, unlimited money, stats, health, skill points and resources will be impossible in these games due to that data being stored on the game servers. However, aimbots, farming bots, ESP, radar cheats, VAC, speedhacks, teleporting, physics mods, scripts and more are still possible and will be more or less powerful and effective in farming game resources varying from game to game.

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The Best Tools to use in any Game

The one universal tool that can be used on any game, no matter the OS, no matter if online or offline is of course HackFinder by, which is a tool that allows you to find working legitimate cheats from long-standing sources and developers with clean track records for any game. End of obvious selp-promotion.

Generally, the best and most effective tools for cheating in any video game are memory editors, such as Cheat Engine, GameGuardian or GameGem, as they are quite universal, able to be used on any game that does any client-side processing at all and some of them even allowing you to automated the manual modding process using scripts, such as LUA scripts. – They offer lots of options for scanning, modding, finding memory addresses, slowing down or speeding up processes an many, many more extremely advanced tools used in memory editing. – The only downside is that these tools are not beginner-friendly at all, requiring users to have quite some technical know-how in order to use them effectively without following tutorials and guides.

For online games, macro editors and macro recording software is highly recommended, especially for mobile games, such as Android or iOS games, as they are extremely effective at creating simple automated bots that can farm essentially unlimited game resources over time quite easily if set up correctly. A tutorial on setting up bots using macros can be found here.

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Android Tools

On Android there is a great variety of different tools available for game hacking with GameGuardian and HackerBot APK being the 2 most useful ones by far. With HackerBot being able to find working mods easily and quickly and GameGuaridan being by far the most advanced memory editor available on Android, allowing for running trainer LUA scripts as well. Android also offers legitimate VM emulators that allow users to run rooted android OS emulations for game hacking, enabling keyboard and mouse support and much more. Overall, Android has the best tools for game cheating after PC and is the best mobile OS for this particular purpose.

iOS Apps

Apple iOS is one of the more challenging operating systems to install game cheating software on, as it requires a jailbroken physical device, as emulators, rather legitimate VM emulators, do not exist (yet). As for  the best tools for iOS gamers there is actually only one, which is GameGem, the best memory editor for iOS. HackerBot can still be used of course by bookmarking the site for easy access. Overall, using tools on iOS is challenging and risky, as you ban brick your phone, so we recommend using Android for mobile games instead.

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PC Software

There are many game hacking tools for Windows PC, as it is the original game hacking OS and has by far the best tools, if not the most choice, since Cheat Engine is by far the market leader and there no real competition, neither is there any need for competition, since it does everything you would want from a PC memory editor and more. PC also offers a variety of different save data editors, even universal ones and ones specific to certain games, there are lots of bot creating macro recorders, AHK for scripts and much more.

Console Game Hack Software

Sadly on consoles are generally are no game hacking tools, as they are extremely hard to get root / admin access to, requiring a hacked console. However, emulators running console roms can easily be hacked using memory editors, such as Cheat Engine, but will only work for games old enough the console can be emulated. There are tools for rom modding and linux tools that can be used on a hacked console, but these are far too advanced for any normal or even advanced users and will only be utilized by extreme professionals with advanced know-how and experience modding console games on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo devices.

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Is Download Game Hacking Tools safe?

Unless you are downloading from our download site or the official website of one of the major tools, such as or, then you are taking a risk that the file may be fake or even modified to infect your device with malware, which is especially a problem with APKs that can easily be modded. So before downloading any tool, you need to do your research into the original source of the app, check the people that posted the file, their online reputation and make sure they are trustworthy before downloading anything. Game modding and cheating apps do require root access or admin rights to work properly, so extreme caution is advised. It is recommended that you test the tools on a VM or emulator first. Installing anything that has root access to your gaming device, phone, tablet, PC or console is always risky, especially if the developer is unknown or not reputable. However, generally the major tools have clear sources and a good reputation.

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