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A coin hack or gold hack is any mod, tool, method, app or software that allows players to get unlimited free gold coins (money) in their mobile or video games. While legitimate money cheats for infinite coins and gold do exist, 90% of them are obvious fakes, advertised for online games where modding money values is entirely impossible. Acquiring free gold coins using cheating methods and tools is only possible in offline single-player games, as in games requiring an online connection; currency is processed server-side and cannot be modified for any practical purposes.

Coins / Gold

Gold and coins are extremely popular names for free currencies and premium currencies alike in many games, mostly mobile games, and is therefore extremely sought-after by many players. Generally currencies such as gold, coins, money ($$$), gold coins, silver, points or credits are used as a semi-premium currency in that they can easily be acquired for free by farming, but can easily run out if you are trying to progress quickly, requiring you to spend micro-transactions on gems to then purchase more of it. The best way to get lots of free coins in most games is to simply farm them, as hacking the gold value is only possible in offline games through using tools, mods or save game-editors. In online games bots or automated farming scripts can be used to farm unlimited coins for free over time, which is probably the most underrated way of getting this currency out there.

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How it works

As game hacking is basically the process of manipulating game data, where the data is stored is extremely important to the process: Any game hacking tool or mod can only modify data on the device it is installed on, meaning that money cheats, including cheats for unlimited gold and free coins are only possible in offline games that require no internet connection, no logins ect. – This is due to offline single-player games storing all their data, including your savegame and your currencies, on your physical device, also known as client-side data, where you are able to use your admin access to your own device to modify the gold / coin data value.

However, a lot of money mods are advertised for online games, mostly mobile games that do require the internet to work correctly. – Which is problematic, because in 99.9% of cases there is no way, no tool, no mod, no generator, no cheat code and no hack for infinite free coins and gold in those games due to server-side processing of your account data, meaning that the currency data is not stored on your mobile device, console, PC or gaming device, but on the game servers, which are computers belonging to the developers of the game that you have no root access to and no way of manipulating or modding in any way. So if your game requires the internet to work correctly and fully, then chances are that coin hacks and gold mods are impossible in that game. And yes, technically game servers can be hacked, but this process would not only be extremely difficult, quickly reversed, but also would be highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual gold coins in some random online game.

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How to check if Coin / Gold Hacks are possible

  1. Disconnect your gaming device from the internet by disabling WiFi, unplugging LAN cables, shutting down routers ect.
  2. Try to play the game you would like to get unlimited coins for.
  3. If your game still fully works and all features are functional with no internet, then your gold can be hacked / modded using memory editors, such as Cheat Engine, GameGuardian, GameGem and similar apps, mods and hacks alike. Guaranteed. It is simply a matter of finding the right data to modify.
  4. If your game is not fully functional without internet, then currency hacks will be impossible in 99.9% of cases and trying to mess with the data might get you banned from the game.
  5. In online games, exploits are your only real hope, such as duplication glitches or bugged rewards, but those exploits are extremely rare, hard to find, often hard to use and will be patched / hotfixed as soon as the developers of the game become aware of them.

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Gold Coin Generators

There has never been, will never be and there is no working resource generator for any game. – This is simply now how game hacking works, simply not how games work, simply not how software works. Regardless if your game is online or offline-based, never ever has a game been hacked by using a website tool ever, as a website is unable to do anything either to your device or the game servers. All gold and coins generators are 100% fake, they are scams and will never ever work.

Any actual, legitimate cheating app will require you to download something: Either downloading a mod, a hack, a tool, a save file, a data file, a modified game, a modified app store ect. Any working game hack will involve downloading something, which of course does not mean that any download is legit, rather it means that any method that does not involve downloading anything is necessarily not legitimate. – Sadly millions of gamer are still falling for this kind of scam and even tech giants and search engines keep promoting the people that offer these objectively impossible tools to unsuspecting and naïve users. Bots are the closest thing to a coin / gold cheat for unlimited money as you can get in online games and in offline games there any many ways of implementing this feature.

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Coin Mods / Gold & Money Mods

Again, 90% of these are advertised for online games and will be fake. There are whole modding websites of ill-repute, thousands of fishy APK download sites and other download portals out there that will advertise all their downloads with ‘mod money’, unlimited coins, free purchases ect, but will of course not offer any of the advertised features, as they are impossible in the kind of game they are advertising them for.

Such downloads should be avoided for your safety and the safety of your gaming device, as a the very least the download will not include the promised features, likely won’t work at all and in some cases will be adware, malware or worse. We would all like to get free coins, but at least in games using servers, this is only possible though in-game purchases of the developers gifting you gold directly. So befriending some devs will yield much greater potential results than scouring the internet for downloads promising this particular cheat option.

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