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Is it possible to Cheat in Farmarama in any way?
Yes, indeed it is. While there is absolutely no way to hack this game due to it being exclusively processed server-side, it is possible to use bots and scripts to auto harvest and auto plant ect. It may also be possible to use exploits once in a while, though it will be very rare to find these kinds of methods.

Is it legal to Cheat and will my Account get banned?
It is legal to cheat in games at home and online in all the countries of the world. Yes, theoretically your account could get banned. However, bots are not really that huge of a problem in Farmerama, therefore you need not worry at all. Exploits are more risky, don’t use public ones.

How much do Farmerama bots usually cost?
Browser game bots go for around 7 to 20$ per month and in very rare cases can even be programmed on one’s own. As far as we know there are no premade free scripts available for this particular game.

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Farmerama Cheating Methods
The most effective and most frequently used way of getting around the games rules in order to level up faster, farm more money (gold) ect is to use bots or scripts to automate the farming process. Bots are technically capable of planting, harvesting, producing feed, feeding, create new fields, sell stuff on the market and even fill in orders. There are even very simple harvesting scripts that can be created using macro recorders. Another way of cheating, or what may be called a cheat, is to share ones account with other people, which is technically not allowed, but will allow you to farm a lot more frequently without having to spend too much time. Indeed in most online browser games, the top players on any server are usually either advanced script users or people sharing their accounts with other people. The last way of cheating and probably the most powerful one is to exploit bugs in order to gat extraordinary amounts of experience, money and farm. The bugs or glitches that can be used in Exploiting are very rare and usually get patched or fixed quite soon. An example of a such an exploit would be bugs that allow you to infinitely harvest a field, animal, a bug that allows you to sell an item infinite times and so on. However, even if you find an exploit, it is recommended that you not overuse it, since that can lead to detection and the banning or your player account. Get to lvl 100 get some millions of gold, but stop after a few hours that is your recommendation. There are not hacks for this game for reasons that we will explain in more detail below. People that offer you hacks or generators in exchange for surveys are scammers.




Farmerama Marcos and Automatic Farming Software
A script, robot, macro or automaton is essentially a software that automatically and independently and automatically completes simple or more complex tasks without requiring any input from the person running it. These kinds of scripts are highly effective in most browser games, since most of them are simple enough in task-variety and structure to allow a bot to handle it. Bots can automatically plant seeds, harvest crops, log into your account, feed animals, farm EP, farm money, farm experience and so on. A bot can essentially get you to level 100 with you only having to change a few settings every few deays. As most browser based online games, Farmerama takes lots of time to level up and build up your plots and farm, complete orders ect. However, using automated software you can still enjoy the spoils of the game without having to put in all of the work. Scripts come in 3 varieties: Firstly there are php based server scripts that need to be set up on a web server. Secondl there are bots you run on your own PC and that actually navigate through the game physically. And thirdly you can use macro recording software to record your mouse and keyboard clicks and button presses in order to make your own bot. However, it has to be pointed out that macros are not always very effective, as they tend to get stuck a lot and can get your PC to crash if you do not have the experience required. To learn more aobut macro recording click bots, check out our tutorial section.




Famerama Hacks and Why they do not exist
As we previously pointed out quite clearly, any “Farmerama hack” you find on the web is 100% fake and should not be trusted and here is why: While in single player games all the important data like your level, your items, your money ect is all stored on your PC or console, this is not the case for online games like farmerama. Keep in mind that if you are playing on your Mobile Phone, PC or Console, you are only potentially able to hack or change any data that is actually on your console. However, all of the important data in Farmerama is stored on the Bigpoint servers and those can only be accessed by the game admins and maybe the moderators. The only other way to change your money or gold for example would be to hack into the servers themselves, which is not possible without some serious IT experience and is a felony that can get you to prison for quite some time. So with other wards: There are no hacks / generators / adders or whatever for Farmereama. It is simply impossible and anyone who claims differently is sadly a liar out to take advantage of your naivety. 



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