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A Raid Shadow Legends Hack is any tool, modification, method or software that allows a player to gain unfair advantages in the PvE and PvP content of Raid SL on Android and iOS alike, farm and acquire more free gems, silver, rare champions, summons and sacred shards more quickly with no root and no jailbrake required. While a variety of awesome hacks does exist for Raid Shadow Legends, hacks or generators for free gems, money and silver do not exist in RSL.


RAID Shadow Legends Hacks

The main game hacking methods used in Raid SL to get mor silver / money, free gems, maxing heroes and characters and getting other goodies are as follows: Firstly modded game apps or ‘mods’ are most popular, coding cheating functionality directly into the game, game hacking tools and memory editors can be used to the same effect, but are much harder to use, then bots can be used to farm the game infinitely for gems, money, maxed heroes and items alike. – On top of these basic cheats there is also the possibility of rare exploits and glitches making the most overpowered cheats for Raid Shadow Legends possible for a limited time and some other minor scripts and client-side software to improve performance in PvP and PvE combat alike. Overall, there is a huge variety of ways to approach cheating in RSL and cheaters on both rooted and not rooted, jailbroken and not jailbroken mobile devices will find something decent at any time.

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By far the easiest method of getting hacks to work in Raid Shadow Legends is the use of mods for Android and iOS alike, making it also by far the most popular method of game hacking among mobile game hackers in Raid Shadow Legends: All one has to do is simply download the latest mod including the cheats that you want to use, install the mod, uninstall the original Raid Shadow Legends game app and then play the game as usual and the cheating features will be active from the start. – While the installation process is not entirely trivial, requiring the user to follow some simple instructions, it is nothing compared to the complexity of the alternative ways of cheating, such as modding the game yourself. Hacks that may be possible to achieve in Shadow Legends Mods may include damage hacks, health hacks, semi god mode, auto free rewards for free Gems and Silver, stat hacks, faster turn meter, auto daily quests, maxed out gem mine, summon shards and more depending on what hacks are possible in Raid Shadow Legends at any time, the exact build and version of the game, if you are on Android or iOS gaming platforms and other factors.

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RAID Mod Menus

Mod Menus are the Porsche of game hacks, the holy grail, the cream of the crop, because they are essentially mods, but with more options, better cheats, better customization, more talented programmers supporting them ect. A Raid Shadow Legends mod menu is downloaded and installed just like any regular Raid Shadow Legends mob, but offers the user a dedicated menu or ‘mod menu’ to activate, deactivate, customize and configure all included hacks to the way the player is looking to use them. Some mod menus even feature auto updating options, which makes it unnecessary to go looking for another mod to download with every single update that Plarium pushes to the Raid Shadow Legends game app. However, if you are looking for free downloads, you will have to be content with downloading a free limited version of a popular RSL mod menu. – While mods do technically require no root and no jailbrake on Android and iOS alike, the installation process often requires the changing or replacing of system files, which can in most cases only be done using admin access to your mobile device.

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Game Hacking Tools for RSL

If everything else fails, the use of game hacking tools and memory editions apps, such as GameGuardian for Android or GameGem for iOS is the last resort many cheaters and game hackers resort to if they are unable to find other means of breaking the game. While modded versions of Raid Shadow Legends need to be updated regularly in order to keep working, the techniques, tutorials and methods applied in manual game memory modification often stay the same for many months. However, while updates are much rarer, the difficulty overall is higher, as one needs to know the basics of memory edition at least in order to use game hacking tools for Android and iOS correctly. But since it is in many cases possible to use this way of cheating with no root and no jailbreak using virtual container apps, many more casual users try to use this method. If you are looking to learn the basics of memory editing, please check out this tutorial. For most casual users and newbies we recommend trying to download Raid Shadow Legends mods instead. You might still need a rooted or jailbroken device and to follow some not 100% trivial steps, but compared to using tools it is still generally a piece of cake.

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Since most Free Gems Hacks and unlimited Silver Tools are Human Verification Survey scams, bots are the closest to a nice money or shard cheat you will get for Raid Shadow Legends. A bot is an app or software run on your Android / iOS device, your emulator or your PC that allows you to automatically perform action in the game and some advanced bots can even play and farm the whole game for you. A good Raid Shadow Legends bot will be able to automatically farm arena battles, max out your buildings, farm summoning shards, level up your favorite champions, spend all your lovely energy, farm free silver and gems, farm clan activities, daily quests, weekly quests, spend all your arena tokens, farm dungeons and raids and even gear your champions, level and awaken your champions if it is programmed to do so. Over time a great bot will get you near unlimited free gems, free silver, free champion shards, will max out all your champions to 6 purple stars ect. The only limiting factor of what a Bot is able to do for you is time. If you want to learn how to create your own script, macro or bot using simple tools to cheat, then check out this bot tutorial. Keep in mind that this cheat is extremely powerful, but not the easiest to set up.

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Generators & Online Tools

As already shortly touched on at the beginning, all online resource generators and online tools for ‘generating’ gems, money, silver and other resources for Raid Shadow legends are fake, are scams and will never work. Now as to why that is certainly the case, let us go over some basics: Raid is an online game, meaning that most of the important game data, such as hero stats, gems, money, currencies, shop purchases, hp, items, shards and similar data is stored on the game servers, commonly referred to as server-side processing. Now any cheating tool or app is only able to modify data that is stored or processed on your Android or iOS device, known as the client-side of a game, making gem hacks for Raid Shadow Legends entirely impossible to exist in any way, much less though an online ‘generator’ website. – Now while technically game servers can be hacked, this is highly illegal and any changes would be reversed quickly, on top of that no one wants to go to prison for some virtual fun bucks in a random mobile game.

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Exploits & Glitches

 Every once in a while a new patch for Raid Shadow Legends will come with some convenient bugs that can be used to gain unfair advantages, break the game, duplicate items, get free in-app purchases, free gems, silver, money or other goodies: This game hacking method is called exploiting or using glitches and usually temporary as the developers will inevitably patch the underlying issues and bugs that have cause the exploit to come into existence in the first place, but for as long as a glitch persists, it is pretty much the one method of cheating with the greatest potential to make impossible cheats possible for a short time. – On top of all of this exploits will generally require no toos, no root and no jailbrake to use in Raid Shadow Legends on Android or iOS, making it the most beginner-friendly and easiest to use method as well.

Mod Money

As we have firmly established at this point, money hacks for gems, silver, times, sacred shards and alike are impossible due to server-side processing in the RSL game app. However, that is not stopping a whole legion of untrustworthy parties, such as shady APK downloading sites, less reputable app stores, weird iOS modding portals and such like people, from advertising ‘mod money’ features for Raid Shadow Legensds mods and other impossible features like ‘infinite money’, ’unlimited gems’,  free sacred shards and such like. – None of these apps will keep their promises; they are using false advertising and are potentially entirely fake or might even infect you with malware or adware if installed on your Android or iOS mobile gaming device. – So if you do not trust our warnings for some reason, use an emulator to try these shady mods instead of your physical mobile device to stay safe and clean.


Overall, while most the weird tools, ‘generators’ and mod downloads you will find online are completely fake, real and working Raid Shadow Legends hacks do exist and can be used in Android, such as is the case with APK mods, and iOS alike. By far the most effective method of gaining unfair advantages in RSL is the use of automated farming bots that will be able to farm what is basically unlimited free gems, silver, money, champions and other goodies for you given enough time. Working mods do also exist, but will be far less powerful overall and often will require a rooted or jailbroken device, unless an emulator is used. As always RSL is an online server-based game, which means that getting unlimited free gems, silver, shards, god modes and similar cheats is not a possibility due to server-side processing. We do recommend that you only use cheating tools and downloads sparingly and with the utmost respect for the game, its players and developers alike to avoid any game band and account terminations due to ToS violation. Use HackFinder to find working downloads from trusted and clean sources and stay safe.

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