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If you are trying to find the Best providers of Hacks, Bots or other Cheating Software for Online Games, such as Shooters, MMOs or MMORPGs, then this plan is the right option for you.
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Find Cheating Software for PCConsoleMobile and Social Games 

Access to the Subscriber Section will allow you to find the best providers for Cheats to use in Over 100 Online Games. CheatFinder, a custom engine we created, will allow you to search all the sites of Legit Paid Cheats Providers automatically.

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Private Hacks and Bots are virtually undetectable by anti-cheating software, because there are simply too few people using a specific kind of software and getting ones hands on the software to blacklist it is expensive and not worth the time, since even if you ban the software, it will be updated within hours. So the detection rate is very close to zero if you are using our recommended providers. (The higher rated the provider, the lower the detection rate.) However, if you are using hacks or bots carelessly then you will still be reported by other players, so be nice and don’t annoy others if you can help it. Stick with our general recommendations on covering up your hack usage before actually buying and using the products.






With thousands of subscribers, HackerBot.net is the #1 provider of reviews in the game hacking scene. Every month we test and review new services and add them to our lists and review inventory. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive and quick way to find not only WHAT you Want, but what you want at the LOWEST PRICE and as EASY to USE as possible.


ico winSimply looking for Hacks or Bots to improve your Game?
We have all the information you need to make an informed decision as to where you want to buy your cheating software: A huge list with trustworthy providers that we tested and reviewed ourselves, reviews to show you what kind of features you can expect and even a forum with over 100.000 members to help you to advance in your cheating quest. In addition you will not only be able to get some cheating software, but you will dodge all the shady sites and scammers and get the BEST that is out there at a PRICE you can afford.

ico safeLooking for the Safe Cheats to protect your Account?
While free hacks, bots and other cheats may be nice, they usually get detected quite quickly can potentially get you banned every time you start them up. – You never know when they are going to get detected, but they eventually will and if you are lucky, you are not one of the people getting banned. With the paid cheat providers featured in our Reviews program detection is a non-issue: These hacks are always up to date and undetected. No more worrying about getting banned; cheat without fear and have FUN.

ico moneyLooking for the BEST and CHEAPEST?
Of course our List and Reviews do include ratings on our part, allowing you to not only find the Hack and Bot providers of the highest Quality, but also the most inexpensive software out there. So no matter if you are looking for Quality or simply want to cheat safely at a Low Price, you are right to choose HackerBot Reviews. We have tested just about every single provider out there and have spent a lot of time and money to give you the CHOICE. Have fun.

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Important: We do not sell any Hacks or Bots for specific games! Actual Cheating Software will cost you upwards of 10-50$ per month depending on the provider. We provide services to FIND legitimate cheating software ONLY!



Money Back Guarantee
If we are able to determine that the user was unable to find cheats for the specific online game they were looking for, we do provide full refunds. However, we do not provide refunds to fraudulent claims, simple buyer’s remorse, disputes filed based on false claims ect. Be honest with us and we will treat you fairly. As you can see from this screenshot from our PayPal, we do provide refunds in some cases.

Refund Requests are to be posed in the ppropriate Forum section.

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