How to Hack Android Games without a Root using GameGuardian (NO ROOT)

GameGuardian is the first actual memory editor for Android that has been updated to work with virtual environments / virtual machine apps and therefore bypass the requirement for a root at least partially. This will allow you to hack a whole lot of games without a rooted phone/device.



How to use GameGuardian with no root / without root:

  1. Download the Latest Version of GameGuardian
  2. Download one of these apps: GO multiple , Parallel Space, 2Face, Multiple Accounts (I personally used GO multiple and can confirm that it works 100%) All of these create virtual enviroments to combine multiple apps into one app container / virtual machine, which allows GameGuardian to work in limited mode.
  3. Add both GameGuardian and the Game you want to hack to the virtual environment app.
  4. Start GameGuardian from the virtual environment app.
  5. Start the game from the virtual environment app.
  6. Open up GameGuardian from the overlay and follow our how to hack games tutorial from there.
  7. Enjoy.


Will this work for any Android device / Emulator?
Not necessarily. The prerequisite for this method of running GameGuardian without a root is that your device is able to run a virtual machine and the apps contained. If you lack the resources or other requirements for such apps, it will not work. Try modded APKs instead.

Will all functions of GameGuadian be available in No Root mode?
No. GameGuardian will run in limited mode. If you want all the functionality, you will still want to get an actual root. However, you will easily be able to scan and change values, hack most single player offline games and so on.

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