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Topic-icon [Trainer] Monster Hunter World (Steam) God Mode, all Unlocks, all Items, Unlimited Crafting Materials & More

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8 months 2 weeks ago #8331 by Xardas
This trainer for Monster Hunter World on PC (Steam Version) can only be used along with Cheat Engine. It has been tested for many versions and has worked for almost all of them. How to use .CT files . - To learn how to use cheat table, please watch this tutorial video.

credits to Squall8

Trainer Cheat Options:
- Unlimited Heath / God Mode
- Unlimited Stamina
- Infinite Item Use
- Unlimited Sharpness
- Unlimited Mantle Duration
- No Mantle Cooldown
- No Palico Gadget Cooldown
- Unlimited Slinger Ammo
- Easily Break Monster Parts
- All Monsters Shown On Map
- Max Scoutfly Level
- Maxed Slots
- 1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level
- Unlock all Charms
- Unlock all Decorations
- Unlock all Augments
- Unlock all Armor/Weapons For Current Tier Level
- Unlimited Lucky Vouchers
- Unlimited Zeni / Research Pointers/Flags
- GC Weapon Usage
- HR Exp Multiplier
- Palico Exp Multiplier
- Palico Gadget Exp Multiplier
- Monster Research Multiplier
- Monster Research Pointers
- Cannons Always Loaded
- Unlimited Cannon Fire
- Weapon Buffs
- Buffs/Defense/Resistance (WIP)
- Highlighted Armor Editor
- Ignore Crafting Requirements / Unlimited Crafting Materials
- Highlighted Item Pointer
- Kill/Wound All Large Monsters
- Teleport
- Have All Items
- Have All Ammo
- Have All Materials
- Have All Event Materials
- Have All Decorations
- Infinie Gathering
- Unlimited Barrel Placements
- Unlimited Investigations
- Item Param Static Data
- Player Pointers
- Charm Editor
- Set Item Quantity
- Change Max Carry

The only cheat options / hacks that are currently not available for Monster Hunter World on PC / Steam are invisibility, flying and a working savegame editor. Savegame editing would allow you to use most of these cheats without having to use an actual Monster Hunter World Trainer or Cheat Engine.


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