“Someone hacked my account, changed my email and stole all my items and currency.”
“You must choose a password that is longer than 6 characters in order to make it harder for people to hack your account.”
“My account got banned because someone hacked into it and used it to bot the game.”

game account hackedI get a lot of messages on Facebook and other platforms that ask me how to hack game account and how to avoid getting hacked. While I don’t care for helping people to do these shady deeds, I do care about education people on how to avoid getting “hacked” and keep ones account save. Many things I will mention here are simply common sense for anyone that knows anything about the internet and some things are a bit more advanced.


1. You gave your password away (Phishing)
The most common way that peoples game accounts get hacked is through something that is called “Phishing”. While most people believe that account hackers are tech geeks programming tools to find passwords, the truth is that many are not all that tech savvy and instead rely on very simple methods to get their hands on your login data:  Phishing is a word creation that comes from “Password Fishing” and it is the most popular method of hacking game accounts out there:

You average phisher will usually do one of 2 things: Either he or she will set up a site that looks exactly like the game website and find ways to lure people there to “log in” and collect their login data. Or they will claim to have some kind of “generator” or “gold adder” or other kind of impossible cheat that just happens to ask for your game password and email or username. – The second method is the most widely used method in the gaming sector, since a lot of people out there are looking for cheats to use in online games and especially for the most powerful cheats, such as god modes, money hacks and so on.

How can you avoid getting phished? – Well for one do not EVER enter your password or username anywhere except the game publishers website and the game client itself. Always make sure the URL (address in your browser) is the actual URL that the game uses. Also do no ever post your email address on the forums and keep your username secret. If you think that a hacker necessarily needs both your username and password, then you are wrong. Also set up a 2 factor authentication if the game your are playing provides it.

And keep in mind: There is no legitimate cheat, hack or generator out there that will ever need your login data.


2. You gave your Username or Email Address away
This is another common way how people get hacked: As already mentioned in the 1st section, a hacker does not necessarily need your password in order to hack your account depending on the game and it’s security measures. Using a program that “brute forces” your password (tires every possible combination of letters or other characters to find your password), they can still get your complete login data by simply knowing your email address / account name. – More advanced online games usually have measures against this kind of “attack”, but don’t assume it. They can also use your email address in order to fake emails form you and asking support to change your password and if the guy at support is dumb enough, they might comply. What can you do to prevent this? Never give away your email address that you are using to play and keep your login username safe.


3. You got a Virus on your PC
This is something that only happens very rarely, since most people that are actually skilled enough to program undetected malware and viruses are usually not bothering with small fish, such as online game accounts. But here and there it does happen that people program viruses that are specifically programmed to log your game login data and send them to the “master” (virus owner). These viruses are usually distributed through “hacks”, “generators” and so on that you would find on free download websites, torrents and similar. How do you prevent getting infected and your account hacked? – Again only get your cheats from legitimate and trustworthy sources. Especially beware of forums where everyone can upload stuff. Make sure you get a look at virus scans before downloading any file from any open forum and make sure that the scanned packet file is the one you are actually downloading. Also keep your anti-virus up to date and best rescan any file you are downloading on your PC again.


4. The Database got Hacked
This is pretty much what people imagine hackers to do: They get into the actual game server and steal all the login information, credit card data and so on. – This is actually the one thing that happens most rarely, since most game providers do protect their servers fairly well these days. However, it still does happen. I experienced 2 instances of this kind of server database hack happening, but the hackers really did not care all that much about the login data and passwords at all. – What you have to realize is that hacking into an actual game server or even the servers of a huge company is something that can get you in prison for half your life and no one would do that just to get a few game accounts worth of gold. – The guys that are that deep into black hat hacking are out for money and they steal credit card data. – These hackers do not care about your login data. If they want to be funny, they will post huge list with a few million logins somewhere on the web, but they won’t loot your account. This is the one kind of account hacking that you cannot protect against. Either your game provider keeps the black hats at bay or they don’t, you are at their mercy here. However, if it does happen and they do get a hold of your credit card data, then contact your CC provider immediately.


5. Someone in your House is plundering your Account
If none of the above applies, then you might want to check out the accounts of your little sister or little brother and check out if some of the items you have worked so hard to grind out have magically reappeared in their inventories. – There have even been cases where the family dog has been a lifeless nerd that hacked all the family account in order to get the most epic gear in the game. He was a bad dog though and had to sleep in the dog house for a week.

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