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Is it possible to cheat in Battleborn?
Yes, there are several kinds of cheating software that will allow you to perform significantly better: Aimbots will allow you to automatically aim and shoot your guns, melee attacks and abilities. Wallhacks and Radar Hacks will allow you to be aware of enemies positions, the positions of minions ect through walls and other objects. These cheating programs will allow you to farm XP, Credits and Loot Packs very quickly and max out your Battleborn account quickly. However, there are NO god modes, unlimited credit hacks, legendary item unlockers or anything similar.

Is it legal to use cheating software and will I get banned?
Cheating in any kind of game, including online shooters like Battleborn, is completely legal anywhere in the world and no one will get persecuted for it. However, cheating is against the Terms of Service of the game and therefore, Gearbox and 2k Games do have the right to ban your account for the use of cheating software. – For this reason it is recommended that you use quality software provided and constantly updated by professional game hack programmers in order to stay undetected.


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Battleborn Aimbots and Wallhacks
Both aimbots and walls work pretty similarly, since they both exploit the same quality of online shooters to give the player an advantage. When you play any kind of online shooter, such as Battleborn, the whole map including enemy players and minions have to be stored on your machine in order to make the match fair. Now this can pretty easily be exploited to extract the positions or coordinates of enemy players in order to either automatically aim and shoot at them or highlight them on the screen (ESP). Both these cheating programs are detectable, since they inject code into the game process.

These are the main kinds of cheats used in Battleborn, but some more exotic hacks like speedhacks, no recoil, attack speed, cooldwon hacks or walking through walls may crop up here and there and then patched again, as these thing usually go.

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How do I stay undetected when cheating?
In oder to stay undetected when using either an aimbot or an ESP, you will need to make sure the software you are using is 100% undetected at the time you are using it. It is also recommended that you keep your accuracy intentionally low when using a Battleborn aimbot by shooting randomly or attacking randomly once in a while. This is done to throw off server-side anti-cheating software that analyzes player statistics. Also try to be nice to other players, try to be as fair as you can while still farming efficiently and repect the game and the players. Noone likes someone that is looking to just dominate a game and kill everyone all the time and these people will get reported manually and get banned quickly. – Which is as it should be.

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Are there any Character Unlockers, Unlimited Shards Hacks, God Modes,  Legendary Item adders ect?
Sadly none of those cheats exist for Battleborn. Keep in mind that this is an online game that stores all your important account information, such as your gear, credits, shards, health, loot packs, helix ranks ect on the Gearbox servers that cannot be hacked using any legal means.

So essentially anyone that claims that they are able to give you a god mode, item adder or money hack is a liar and most probably trying to get you to fill in a survey or download some dangerous software. Do not trust it if it sounds too good to be true, because on the internet it’s almost always not true.


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