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Is it possible to cheat in Gwent Online?
Yes, It is possible to employ Gwent Bot software to automatically farm Ore (gold) and therefore amass Kegs, Cards and Scraps to craft new cards over time. The Bot is the fastest way to level up automatically. It is also possible to use advanced tools, such as deck trackers, hacks and even exploits based on bugs in the game to gain an advantage in PvP matches. However, unlimited ore, all card hacks and free kegs are sadly not possible, since this is an online CCG game and your account data is stored on the servers.

Is cheating legal and will I get banned for it?
Cheating in card games of both the online and offline variety is 100% legal everywhere in the world. While people generally wont love you for using bots or hacks in Gwent online, the worst thing that can happen is you getting banned from the game. Keep in mind that CD Project has the right to ban literally anyone from their game services for any reason. So make sure you don’t run your bot more than 12h per day and use hacks and exploits that are 100% undetected to avoid any risks.



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Gwent Bots
Automated farming programs are commonly referred to as a “Gwent Bot” and it will automatically queue up for games, auto mulligan, automatically play your deck for you and then usually will automatically GG your opponent for some additional scraps. Bots can be adjusted for specific decks and strategies of left in their default mode. By their nature bots are not detectable through code detection, since they do not inject any code into the games process. However, you should still not be running your Gwent bot for more than 10h daily, since it can get your account flagged for review if you are framing for too long beyond what is humanly possible. The bots is currently the most effective cheat for Gwent.

While the use of automated ore / scrap / level farming bots in Gwent is theoretically possible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, it is easiest on PC. To run bots or hacks on a console would require a hacked console, advanced packet sniffing / editiong or a very sophisticated visual recognition script.

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Gwent Hacks and Exploits
Since this is an online card game and therefore has very few game mechanics that could possibly be hacked on the client side, the hacks for Gwent are generally limited to speed hacks that speed up animations, deck tracking and packet editing. There is no way to hack the number of ore, kegs or the cards you own. Certainly it would be nice to have unlimited scrap to get all cards and infinite money, but these values are stored on the CD Project game servers and cannot be hacked using any means. Don’t trust people that offer you the impossible, please.

Exploiting refers to the use of bugs in the game, such as bugged rewards, bugged prices, bugged card mechanics ect to gain an advantage. It may be possible to duplicate cards, get unlimited scrap or gold through future bugs if and when they are discovered. Most online games do at one time or another experience game breaking bugs and it is always useful to be one of the first to profit. However, these bugs are usually patched within day of them going public, so use private groups instead.

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What can a Gwent Bot do?
Generally, anything that does not require any creative human thinking, a robot or “bot” can do: They can play the game and manage combat strength on your melee, ranged and siege row. They can forfeit a round to win the next, they can open kegs, craft cards, auto manage decks or use your custom made decks. However, if you want to play some specialty deck with very specific mechanics, then your script need some custom rules for mulligans and how to play your specific deck. Some bot developers will either provide you with custom bot behaviors or let you make your own.



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