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Is it possible to Cheat in City of Steam?
Yes indeed as in every MMO out there, there are certain techniques that allow you to gain an edge over other players: There are farming bots that allow you to automatically farm Gold, experience, items and other goodies, there are hacks and exploits that allow you to get more out of your PvP and mess with the game a bit. However, there are NO God Modes, Gold adders, no cool down hacks or similar stuff.

Is it legal to Cheat in CoS and will my Account get Banned?
No, it is entirely and completely legal to cheat in online games and always will be. However, since cheating in many cases is against the Terms of Service of the game, you can get banned if you are not careful, toxic or are using outdated software.

How much do City of Steam Bots and Hacks cost?
Browser game and online game bots that are able to automate actions will generally cost you around 10 to 30$ per month, since the software needs to be updated and kept undetected by skilled programmers. However, prices depend on the provider and may vary.

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City of Steam General Cheating Methods
As already mentioned, the ways in which you are able to cheat in CoS are quite diverse. The most widely applied kind of cheat is the use of programs in order to automatically farm Pirate Gold, experience, items, levels and so on. Bots are programs that are undetectable and will take control of your character in order to perform certain tasks automatically. Bots are generally undetectable, but run the risk of detection if they are being used for too long at a time or without the required care. Anther way of cheating in City of Steam is the use of hacks: Since the game uses the Unity Engine, there are several ways to manipulate the game. This makes teleporting hacks, flying hacks, walking through walls and even speedhacks possible. However, hacks are very hard to come by and only really helpful in PvP instances. The last and probably most effective way of getting around the limits of what is possible in CoS is the use of exploits. Exploits are essentially bugs in the game or game mechanics that can be used in such a way as to gain an unfair advantage. This can take the form of stacking unbalanced abilities, duplicating items using lag or bugs, clipping through walls to avoid damage and so on. The main problem about exploits is that the bugs they are based on generally get patched somewhere down the line. Once an exploit is known publicly, it usually takes mere days for an issue to get fixed by the developers, which is why we recommend you only use private exploits if at all.



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