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Is it possible to cheat in Travian?
As in so many browser games, it is indeed possible to cheat in Travian as well. The dominant methods here is to use bots or scripts to automatically build, farm, safe, scout and so on. Another way of cheating would be to own multiple accounts and use them to boost a main account. However, there are NO resource hacks (clay, iron, food, wood), no god modes or similar.

Is cheating legal in Travian and will your account get banned?
Cheating in video games is completely legal. However, it can get your account banned if you are careless. As always when it comes to using bots and exploiting games: The more careful you are, the less likely you are to get detected. The use of bots in games like Travian is incredibly popular and only very few ever reach the top 500 without them.

How much do Travian bots cost?
Bots for browser games like Travian will go for around 10 to 30$ per month, since they have to be updated all the time to keep them working and undetected. However, the exact price depends on the provider.

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Travian General Cheating Methods
The cheating methods for Travian differ quite a bit from client based MMOs or browser games in that it is entirely impossible to hack the client in any way. However, since this is a game based entirely on a static browser interface, it is possible to create scripts to automatically build your town, capture new cities, build troops, raid players and oasis’es, trade resources and so on. These scripts or programs are called “Travian bots” and are quite hard to come by these days, since Travian Games, the developer, is one of the few that actually implemented countermeasures and tried to get rid of the bot problem actively in the past, compared to other browser game developers. However, there is still software that allows you to automatically log into the game and perform automated actions like farming people in your farm list, scouting them, building out your village and so on. In fact, the most successful raiders in Travian are using software in order to not only scout, but farm literally thousands of villages every day. As you may imagine, being a successful raider depends on how long you can be online and scouting / attacking every day and bots are online 24h per day. Other ways of cheating do exist as well that mostly have to do with haing multiple accounts and running them through proxy servers. Keep in mind that if you simply register multiple accounts from the same computer / IP address, your accounts will most likely be banned after the first resource shipment arrives at your main. However, people that run literally hundreds of accounts per server and use surfs to boos their main Travian city, will still make this work. Some people even run their own farms and safe resources from other players, while keeping them around for their own raids.



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