Is cheating in Elite Lord of Alliance possible?
Cheating is indeed possible in ELOA: Automated farming bots can be used to automatically complete quests, farm mobs for gold, EXP and items and to automatically reinforce items ect. Hacks can be used to teleport, run faster, run through objects and even to fly around, which is slightly useful in PvP situations, but easily detected. Lastly, exploits can allow for very powerful cheats in ELOA that may allow you to get unlimited gold farming, EXP, bugged item drops, duplicate items (dupe) and so on. – However, these bugs are very rare and quickly patched.

Is using Cheats in ELOA legal and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any game including ARPGs and MMORPGs like Elite Lords of Alliance is completely legal everywhere in the world. However, npicSoft and Webzen do have the right th ban anyone from their games and therefore it is recommended that if you use hacks or bots for ELOA, you use ones that are 100% undetected and be respectful towards your fellow players.



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Elite Lord of Alliance Cheating Methods
As with most of these kind of ARPG / MMORPGs the use of automated farming software (bot) is really the most popular and efficient way of cheating in ELOA. Bots will essentially allow you to AFK and le the bot automatically farm mobs for EXP and gold, complete quests automatically, reinforce weapons automatically using insurance, sell items at vendors, automatically feed and level pets, automatically do low-level dungeons and so on. Using a bot getting to level 40 on any character should be easy, though bots generally fare better with classes that aren’t too complex to play and are tanky like the blood knight or assassin warrior.

Hacks are far more limited and are almost exclusively used in PvP: Elite Lord of Alliance Hacks can allow you to teleport through the world and instances, walk faster to dodge attacks and reposition in battle, flay around and even hide in or walk through objects. Now while all of these cheats are insanely useful in any PvP battle be it 3v3 or 6v6 or whatever, they are easily detected simply be players watching your actions and may result in reports and bans pretty quickly. So use at your own risk.

Finally Exploits are the rarest and most powerful cheat for ELOA and may allow depending on the bug that is exploited for duplication of items (almost unlimited money), farming bugged mobs with bugged loot that may drop legendaries ect, bugged vendor prices that allow for unlimited money exploits and so on. However, using these, again, is very risky and once these get to the public they usually are patched within a few days.


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How do I use Elite Lord of Alliance bots correctly?
When using any MMO bot you will want to make sure you are not at the top of any stat leaderboards that game mods may look at. When it comes to gold farmed per day, hours online this week, mobs killed this week ect you will want to stay far away from the top of the list. The easiest way to do that is to only use a bot for about 10h per day at most, which is about the maximum an average person can play the game in a single day. Going beyond that or using default bot routes may get you banned.


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Are there Money (Gold) Hacks, Item Generators and Level Hacks?
No, there are no hacks for unlimited gold,unlimited health (god mode), unlimited Wcoins, unlimited items, unlimited skill points, unlimited transcendence points and so on. Why? Because this is an online game and these values are not stored on your device, but on the game server that you do not have any access to. Anyone offering you this kind of cheat is a scammer that wants you to fill in surveys and should not be trusted.



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